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In-Class Training 8 weeks – Weekends

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SAP-HCM is with the modules covered now combo with Successfactor.

SAP-HCM i.e Human Capital Management comes with New Modules like E-recruitment, E-learning, Talent acqusition, Performance workflow. Success factor EC, Learning and JAM Overview Implementation, Configuration and Support Training – Hands-on – Weekend Classes and recruitment assistance.

What is SAP HCM – An Overview

SAP HCM or Human Capital Management offers a complete and integrated set of solutions to help an organization effectively manage its people. HCM provides the Human Resource (HR) department with solutions that are comprehensive, engaging and flexible. The different sections or sub modules of HCM help in talent hiring, aligning employee goals with business objectives, identifying and cultivating employee skills, and measuring and rewarding employee performances. It helps to automate all the core HR processes, resulting in increased efficiency and cost reductions for a company in the arena of human resource management. SAP HCM also helps when a company has to outsource its HR processes and ensures that minimum risk and costs are involved. SAP System is divided into two types of modules – Functional modules and Technical modules. HCM is part of the Functional modules.

SAP HCM manages all functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in organization. It consist various sub components such as Personnel Management, Organizational Management (OM), Time Management and Payroll. SAP HR/ HCM module is integrated with other modules. HCM broadly manages the following areas

Modules Inside SAP HCM To Be Trained:

  • Organizational Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Recruitment Management
  • Personnel Cost Management
  • Planning Budget
  • Payroll Benefits Compensation
  • Management Personnel
  • Development Training & Event Management
  • Travel Management

SAP certification course salary scale

SAP certification course salary

SAP certification course salary

SAP HCM Modules – Categories within HCM

Most of HCM services fall into two broad categories or focus areas – Personnel Administration (PA) and Personal Planning and Development (PD). Each of these sub modules handles company’s different human resource functions. The integration of these two categories results in an efficient, well-oiled Human Resource machine, which when further integrated with the other business processes creates a competitive edge for the firm’s business.

Personnel Administration (PA)

The PA module of HCM helps you to handle employee payroll calculations, manage employee benefits, assess eligibility to plans and benefits, enroll employees into benefit plans, and track costs and compensation. In times of increasing decentralization and globalization of workforce, an efficient and transparent administration of personnel data is a decisive advantage. You can manage all modern personnel administration tasks with this application component. Personnel Administration relieves you from the daily routine administrative activities involved in an HR process which are costly and time consuming. This efficient solution thus supports you to concentrate on planning activities. This application component is especially suitable for international corporations as under it country specific versions of HR related data can be created in accordance with the HR features of the specific country.

You can store all types of information about an employee in Human Resources Infotypes. They enable structured data entry and data maintenance, and enable you to store data for specific periods. Basic personnel procedures within master data administration, such as hiring employees, performing organizational reassignments, and entering the data required for employees who leave the enterprise, are all executed through separate functions.


Talent Management (TM)

SAP Talent Management is one of the latest addition and up gradation to the Human Resource Module. It offers a holistic approach to talent management and handles the entire gamut of Talent Management including processes such as, recruiting, career management, succession management, enterprise learning, employee performance management, and compensation management. This solution helps to find the skill and knowledge gaps by comparing the employee profiles to actual positions.

Hands on Training Leading to Certification & Employment Comparative training for SAP HCM and SuccessFactors Both! 8 weeks

  • SuccessFactors Overview
  • What are SuccessFactors?
  • SAP and SuccessFactors: Better Together Optimizing Innovation in the Cloud
  • SAP Core HCM versuSuccessFactorsrs Employee Central
  • SAP + SuccessFactors Multiple deployment options to match Customers needs and strategy
  • SAP SuccessFactors ROAD MAP
  • Cloud Solutions
  • SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Solutions SAAS Model
  • SuccessFactors – Product Overview
  • BizX Suite
  • SuccessFactors Solutions/Modules Overview
  • Employee Central
  • Performance & Goal Management
  • Succession and Development
  • Recruiting
  • Workforce Planning
  • Administration Tools Home Page
  • SuccessFactors Application Architecture
  • SAP SuccessFactors Cloud Solutions SAAS Model
  • SuccessFactors – Product Overview
  • BizX Suite
  • SuccessFactors Solutions/Modules Overview
  • Employee Central
  • Sf Methodology
  • Sf Terminologies
  • Interfaces between SAP & Sf (Extraction programs both Master data and Analytical data)
  • Employee Data upload in SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors Tools

  • SuccessFactors Instance (System)
  • SuccessFactors Provisioning (Tool)
  • Success Factory (Tool)
  • SuccessFactors Jam
  • Sf Learning & Performance (Tool)
  • SuccessFactors partner portal (Tool)
  • SuccessFactors Connect (Tool)

Introduction to Mastery

Employee central (Mastery)

  • V12 Home Page Activations
  • To-do’s
  • Welcome page Design
  • Themes/v12 Home Page and Logo Settings
  • My team
  • Proxy Management
  • Bizx Mobile
  • Pick list Management
  • Admin tools (old & new)
  • Position Management
  • Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures
  • Foundational and Generic Objects
  • Import Foundation Data
  • Import and Export Data
  • Manage Badges
  • Org chart (HTML 5)
  • Employee Directory
  • Hire & Rehire, Termination & LOA process
  • Absence Management
  • (Covered entire Employee Master Data Maintenance with workflow requests)
  • Time off process and Workflows
  • Rules Management
  • Manage Time Off Structures
  • Time Off calendars
  • Benefits Process
  • Payroll Process
  • Business Rules
  • Global Employment
  • MDF- Meta data frame work
  • Employee Self Service & Manager Self service
  • Manage Mass Changes
  • Manage Positions
  • Manage Workflow Groups
  • Manage Workflow Requests
  • Monitor Job
  • Manage Pending Hires
  • Position Management Settings
  • Corporate data Models & Succession data models (XML)
  • Even Reason Derivations and Workflow Event Derivations (XML)
  • Email Templates and Notification Settings
  • Enable Mobile Features
  • Manage Mobile Users
  • Configure Employee Files
  • Customize Employee Central
  • Manage Business Configuration
  • Manage Sequence
  • Manage Configuration UI
  • Admin Alerts
  • User Administration
  • Manage Permission Groups
  • Presentations
  • User Options
  • Employee Files Portlet Permissions
  • Org Chart Config
  • RBP’s & Roles and Authorizations
  • Automatic Manager Transfer
  • SuccessFactors Bizx Mobile (Mobile technology): Integration and working in Android, IPhone and Black berry along with application process execution
  • Data Loads foundational and Transactional
  • Company System and Logo Settings
  • 2014 Quarter releases

Goals & Performance Management (Mastery)

  • Goal Management Process
  • Goal Templates Configuration
  • Old and V12 Goal Management Templates
  • Import/Export Objective Library
  • Import Goals
  • Import Goals from other templates
  • Objective Transfer
  • Documents Transfer
  • Goal Execution Settings
  • Customization of Goal Templates in XML
  • Customization of Goal templates in Success factory
  • Performance Management Process
  • Configuration of Performance Templates V11 Version & V12 Version
  • Route Maps
  • Rating Scales
  • Form Template Settings
  • Route Forms
  • Delete Forms
  • Modify form Route Map
  • Competencies
  • Development Plans
  • Launch Forms
  • Trigger Goals and Performance Email Notifications
  • Team Overview
  • Get Feedback from others
  • Get Feedback from Email
  • Stack Ranker
  • Customization of Performance Templates in XML
  • Customization of Performance Templates in success factory
  • Upload and Edit of Goal & Performance XML in Provisioning
  • Success factory
  • Import and Export of Goal and Performance Templates in Success factory
  • Customization of Templates in Success factory
  • Step Authorizations
  • 360 Degree reviews
  • 360 Template configurations
  • 360 Route Map Process
  • Launch 360 Reviews
  • Complete/Decline 360 Form
  • Development Plan Process
  • Development Plan template Process
  • Old and V12 Version of Development Plan Templates
  • Upgrade of Goals and Performance Templates
  • PMv12 Acceleration

Reporting & Analytics

  • Standard Reports
  • Custom AdhocReports Creation
  • Classic and Spot light Reporting
  • Analytics 2.0 Overview
  • Dash Boards 2.0

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12808 W. Airport Suite 300 Sugarland TX 77478- CALL 832-240-1786

4203 Woodcock Drive Suite 209 San Antonio TX, 78228 – CALL 210-871-0678

13140 COIT ROAD, SUITE 370, DALLAS, TX 75240 – CALL : 972-687-7746