Sap HANA Training Certification 

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SAP HANA Houston Training

  • Understand what is SAP HANA, System Architecture and basic terminology of SAP HANA
  • Gain an understanding of scenarios in Non-application server ABAP
  • Work with HANA Studio Modelers and various Modeling strategies
  • Understand details of Interface and Client and Connectivity in SAP HANA
  • Perform Auto Documentation and SAP BO Analysis
  • Learn techniques of Storage, User Management, and Security
  • Gain insights into the basics of Data Replication in SAP HANA, Security, Data Provisioning and ABAP Dataflow
  • Configure and Monitor Dashboard for HANA
  • Perform hands-on exercises and provide solutions to SAP HANA queries

Project Work:

Project – Report

Data – Sales Revenue

Problem Statement – It creates following types of reports:

  • Create report using Bo explorer on SAP Hana view
  • Create report on Sap Hana view in crystal report
  • Create report on Sap Hana MDX in Excel

Recommended Audience

  • SAP Technical Consultants and SAP ABAP Consultants
  • ETL Developers and Business Intelligence Professionals
  • SQL Developers, Database Architects, and Mainframe Professionals
  • Project Managers and Business Object Professionals
  • College Students aspiring to find jobs in IT industry


  • Conceptual knowledge of SQL

Why Take SAP HANA Training Course?

  • SAP HANA is a novel and most result-oriented product of SAP and tops the chart in IT industry for performance and in-memory computing of data.
  • This online tutorial enables you to build a promising career in one of the biggest IT companies using SAP technology.
  • At MAGNIFIC TRAINING, the topics mentioned on SAP HANA are discussed in detail through interactive sessions so that you can learn and implement quickly.


Module 1- Getting started with SAP HANA

  • SAP HANA Overview
  • The significance of SAP HANA?
  • Listing Database Performance Reasons in SAP HANA

Module 2- Architecture of SAP HANA

  • Overview of SAP HANA
  • System Architecture and Proof Points
  • Gain insights into basic terms and terminology
  • Understanding ABAP-based scenarios

Module 3-Non-application server: ABAP-based scenarios

  • Vision of SAP
  • Introduction to HANA Architecture
  • Understanding Non-application server ABAP- Based scenarios
  • DB Supportability Matrix

Module 4- Introduction to HANA Studio Modeler

  • Defining Star Schema
  • Introduction to Studio Modeler
  • Various terminologies
  • Graphical User Interface of SAP HANA
  • Best of SAP HANA

Module 5-Modeling in SAP HANA

  • Introduction to HANA Studio Modeler
  • Getting started with Modeling in HANA
  • Star Schema – OLAP
  • Joins and their types

Module 6-searching Types

  • A Brief about Modeling suggestions
  • What are different types of searches?
  • Syntax in SQL

Module 7-Database Connectivity with SAP HANA

  • Reporting in SAP HANA
  • Client and connectivity options
  • Interface details for SAP HANA
  • SAP BO

Module 8-SAP BO Analysis

  • Tools for Reporting
  • Analysis of SAP BO
  • Introduction to SAP HANA Explorer

Module 9- Important Rules of Model Validation

  • Manage and process models
  • Important rules of Model validation
  • Learn Referencing to Model
  • Performing auto Documentation
  • Gain insights into Delivery Units

Module 10- Ensuring backup and recovery

  • Explaining High Availability and Disaster tolerance
  • Concept of Persistent layer
  • Taking backup and ensuring recovery
  • What is Sizing?

Module 11- Techniques of Storage

  • Appliance Model of HANA
  • HANA Appliance
  • Options for Deployment
  • Techniques of storage

Module 12-User Management, Provisioning, and Security

  • SAP HANA Sizing
  • User Management and Security
  • User Provisioning

Module 13-Privileges and Managing Connections

  • Types of privileges
  • Entities and relationships between different entities
  • Managing connection attempts

Module 14-Calculated attributes

  • Attribute views and their creation
  • Understanding Derived attribute views
  • What are Calculated attributes?
  • Understanding Leveled Hierarchy
  • Calculated and Restricted Measure

Module 15- Creation of Calculation Views

  • Introduction to Input parameters and Variables
  • Working with SQL statement

Module 16- Data Provisioning Overview

  • Data Provisioning basics

Module 17-ABAP Dataflow

  • Data services in SAP HANA
  • ABAP Dataflow
  • Business and commercial features
  • Transformation based on STL

Module 18-Hands on exercises and Query resolution

Module 19-Hands on exercises and Query resolution

Module 20-Configure and Monitor Dashboard

  • Use of SAP HANA Modeler
  • Template tables
  • Configure and Monitor dashboard

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