The key to success lies not in getting the right answers, however in asking the right questions, in the right way and the right time. With the increase in the amount of graduates each year, there are also increasing opportunities, and one of the most important but less known of them is that of a company analyst.

The essence of the profession is based on the ability to brainstorm business problems, deliver effective solutions and fuse them with technological expertise. The role of a business analyst encompasses several job information and can be very confusing to understand what is expected out of one. It does not imply that it is employment in a boring monotonous industry; one can be an analyst on the market of his choice. An analyst is required in travel and tourism, hospitality, education sector, consumer goods, providers, etc.

The roles and duties would become more or less similar, however the challenge lies in identifying which sector of the industry lies one’s interest and where they would like to pursue their career with effort and self-satisfaction.

Below are a few of the skill which would be likely out of the analyst.

• Understanding business process management and switching them into specific software requirements
• Strong technical skills in conjunction with business intelligence and business management
• Being the hyperlink between systems, customers and business requirements
• Thorough SWOT evaluation and assist in change management.
• Design functional specs and systems for clients

The main activities include implementation and support of risk managements activities, capital markets, functional testing for software, issue analysis, excellent communications to assist all support teams to provide a project within deadlines, and also asses the feasibility of a specific project.

The functionality of a business depends on the abilities of the business enterprise analyst and hence he must possess sound technical expertise and possess depth of knowledge in the topic area. When leveraged in the right way, he has to be a liaison between the business, the project and the customers.

In the wake of entrepreneurship, there are as much work at home opportunities as there are businesses. A business analyst is an essential asset for each organisation, plus they have great profession opportunities for moving up the ladder at executive levels. Because of the character of the duties they perform and their importance in the company, a company analyst commands high pay package, provided he has all the mandatory skills to make the business profitable.