Why Become An SAP Expert?

First of all, SAP has more than 100,000 corporate customers worldwide which is typically the most popular and highly respected business software in the world. SAP is rapidly growing and as a result, there is an increasing demand for SAP trained specialists providing tremendous opportunities for newcomers. These opportunities can be found in every country round the world so there is enough of opportunity to travel and work.
Secondly, SAP jobs will be the highest paid on the market. What better reason than that!

How to Become An SAP Expert?

One common access pathway into SAP consulting has been people who make a transition from an Accounting or Administration position into SAP consulting. That is a natural progression as business administration knowledge is essential to become successful SAP advisor. Accountants are highly trained, have good business and computer skills and curently have caused financial software so the transition is simple. Accountants make good client-facing functional consultants who can effectively communicate with your client and understand their useful business requirements.

Another common entry pathway in to SAP consulting is from business analysis or programming careers. These people tend to specialise in the specialized aspects of one or more SAP modules including ABAP encoding. They enjoy configuring and development the displays and reviews of SAP to customise the system to the client’s requirements.

A third entry point into SAP consulting is from the human resources profession pathway. As the HR module is one of the most widely applied SAP modules there are plenty of career opportunities for individuals with recruiting skills to specialise in SAP HR consulting. When you have knowledge and experience with worker establishment, organisational management, recruitment, performance appraisal, remuneration and payroll you may well have the right skill set to changeover to a SAP HR expert.

A final entry way into SAP consulting is from the software training and help desk career pathway. A significant portion of the business enterprise change management process to implementing SAP software is to provide appropriate training, consumer documentation and user support. The most common execution training strategy is perfect for SAP consultants to train a group of key business users. The key business users, by making use of SAP consultants, develop consumer manuals to train the system users to use SAP to perform their daily job functions. Training is often overlooked in conditions of its importance. No matter how good the program or implementation, if users aren’t trained properly there will be problems that will demand a high level of support that may cost the business more money.


If you are new to SAP it is strongly recommended to download a trial version of the SAP software and acquire a home study course. This is the best and most affordable way to learn SAP. Focus on a basics course, next learn the FICO (fund & managing) module accompanied by the SD (sales & distribution) component. Later you may want to learn a far more specialised module such as MM, HR, PS, ABAP etc.