When a person is looking to startup a business they know that a lot of money is going to be need. They need money for marketing, purchasing supplies, paying employees, and many other business related expenses. It is risky for a person to put out their own money. Others do not have the money to put out of pocket that is required to start a business. This does not mean that they cannot start up their own operation. There are some ways to finding startup investments versus gathering your own resources to startup.

Start Up Launch Platform
There are a number of platforms on the internet where a person can post their business idea to look for investors. A person can post their business plan and ideas and speak to investors about what role they will play in the business. These sites have millions of users and investors are actively engaged in these sites looking to invest their money in a new business. Investors have already invested over a billion dollars in businesses they have discovered on these sites.

Small Business Administration
The Small Business Administration has many programs that will provide funding to small businesses. There are new programs that have been developed in the recent years in an attempt to help stimulate the economy. A person should contact their local office and what want types of grants and open to them and how they would go about applying for these grants.

There have been a number of crowd funding sites to appear. On these sites a person can post their business idea and how much money they are going to need to start up. People that view this site can donate money. They can donate small or large amounts to the business to help out. Often the business has to provide something in return. It may be a free product or free advertising. There are a number of crowdfunding platforms out there so a person should check them out before joining.

Professional Networking Sites
There are a number of sites out there where a person can market their business to investors. They can talk with investors from all around the world in order to get the funds that are needed for the start up business. People from all over are looking to invest globally and these sites are a great place to connect with potential investors. There are some sites to check out. The sires EFactor, Xing, and Plaxo are just some of the sites where a person can post their business ideas and be able to connect with investors.
These are just some of the places a person can look for funding for their small business. Starting a business is expensive and many people do not have the money to put out. Others do not want to risk their entire savings. By finding investors to fund the business a person can focus on providing the best service to their customers and building up their brand instead of finances.