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Get combination of Book keeping, Quick books and Taxation to be a US certified accountant. Participants interested enroll your request enabling us to expedite announcement of this course.

Already launched. Basic to Advance level of hands on Mobile and Smart phone Repair training helping you get employed or start your own business.

Those who wish to develop quick fluency and speaking sense. Enroll your interest for us to announce batch based on your interest. Don't forget group discount or referral can help you get discounts.

To be in Texas, its best to learn Spanish. Announcing Soon, Mark your interest now Limited Seats Only. Email info@tscer.org

Fast Track continuing education courses for adult continuing education from one of the best trade schools in Houston and San Antonio

TSCER guarantees highly skilled coaches to help you excel in your field. From Digital marketing to SAP and language classes, we have continuing education classes for every kind of adult continuing education.

Emerging need of continuing education courses

Every industry is evolving and there’s always something to learn. Those who evolve with the industry survive. It’s not just survival of the fittest; it’s survival of the fastest. While evolution is important, a fast evolution to keep up with the pace of changing times is even more crucial.

Advancing in career is extremely challenging in today’s competitive world. You need to be abreast of the latest updates and skills to stay ahead of the curve. Continuing education courses ensure that you are not left behind in your field of expertise.

At TSCER, we are dedicated to make advanced courses available so that individuals who hold the potential to rise high in their career get a chance to realize their full potential. We are one of the most preferred Houston training schools offering a variety of courses in various industries.

Highlights of TSCER continuing education classes

At TSCER, we realize how busy your life is and how important is continuing education for you. Here are some of the highlights of our training solutions:

  • Flexible timing: To help you find time from your busy schedule, we offer convenient training schedules for morning, evening and weekends.
  • Mobile Learning: Virtual training from anywhere you want facilitates learning at your convenience.
  • Practice Training: Theory will take you too far, so, we believe in facilitating Practice Server and License Software to let you practice on tools.
  • Recruitment: We don’t just train, we help you find a job.